Doug Jackson is a singer / songwriter / acoustic guitar player from the Baltimore, Maryland area. Beginning more than 21 years ago as a hobby, Doug has played at many of the local hot spots to weddings to festivals in and around the Baltimore Metro area. His love for music and the way he entertains people is beyond magical. His acoustic guitar and voice give way to positive energy. He has this gift of making people happy with the endless catalog of covers songs along with his own original music. However, cover songs are his passion. Doug is able to take a cover tune and make it his own. That in itself is very moving and powerful.

Doug’s influences and inspirations are quite amazing. Such influences begin with artists from the 1950’s like Sam Cooke to the British Invasion of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. He often plays songs from the singer / songwriter’s of the 70’s like John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot and legendary rocker, Neil Young. You might even hear a cover of a Bob Dylan tune. Doug is full of surprises like that. Artists from the 80’s and 90’s are not overlooked either. Doug can cover just about anything from that time period. His interpretation of the 90’s Alternative era is even more impressive. Bands like Collective Soul, R.E.M, and Red Hot Chili Peppers have made their way into his repertoire.

Recently, Doug has been collaborating with Dusty Bradshaw from Chattanooga, TN. Dusty is a seasoned guitar player / singer / songwriter. His work on the these tracks is simply a beautiful thing. These two artists have produced some catchy alt-folk and alt-rock tunes. Songs like ‘The Tin Man’ and ‘You and Me.’ You will also see a song called ‘Leaving Cincinnati.’ This track is the collaborative effort of Frank Bluegrass from Google+ and Doug Jackson. This is the first track that Doug recorded and shared on Social Media. This is a much laid back tune that longs for getting home to his love after a disastrous flying experience.

“Nowadays, it is internet only and for fun! No pressure on earning the mighty dollar,…. (although a hobby that pays for itself is nice!), it is nice to play just for playing’s sake.” – Doug